About Us

BITTER COCOA is an exclusive luxury resort wear brand, founded in 2015. Its stunning and sensual designs are must-haves for the remarkable world lady voyager.

BITTER COCOA design and fashion trace their origins and inspiration to the simple yet elegant Grecian style. All garments are made of luxurious and high quality textiles such as cotton and soft textures bringing forth and ethereal look to all designs. Additionally, the delicate crochet laces and the striking patterns capture the eternal spirit of Hellenism through unique collections designed to complement every body type and make women look attractive and feel their finest.

Designed and manufactured exclusively in Athens, Greece by a fashion design professional team, the “Luxury Resort Collection” is characterized by the best quality finish.

The luxury holiday lifestyle collection is available and can be found only at exclusive retail points and luxurious resort boutiques around the world.

BITTER COCOA's creative ambition is to combine the latest fashion trends tracing back to classic finesse and sophistication.

Cheers to the eternal Grecian never-ending summer!

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